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Horde for Life # 132 - A World of Warcraft MMO Games Podcast

Episode 132

Killer Filler


As we begin our long wait for Legions, we embark on a series of episodes that allow us to unleash our backlog of fun filler topics and emails. Tonight we start with discussion on the recently data mined Lost Garrison Designs and why Blizzard rarely looks back on their content. What occupies and will occupy your time during the pre-expansion content drought? We talk about our plans and want to hear yours!

Additionally, our cast believes that gameplay is a NOT a requirement for all content and we have a vibrant discussion on why.

But the heart of our show is a killer filler segment where we discussion the top 10 things about WoW that you did not know! This was a great topic and look for many more if you too find them enjoyable. Let us know!

And do not forget to checkout the outtakes at the end of the show to find out about Rich's wedding gift to Dustin, listen to our discussion on technobabble in movies and learn all about "Glamping".


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