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Episode 69

"Brill is NOT Goldshire"

What a fun show to record this week. Not only did we cover many developer topics such as cross realm zones, battlegrounds, housing and the breaking of unlucky streaks but we also discuss our polling data from hordeforlife.com that lets your voice be heard. We also received some great player feedback including a horde rebuttal response from last weeks "pro alliance" listener and some love for PvP and the old Alterac Valley.

After the break we come back go long on some blue sky discussion where we ask; is there a viable way to make further use of classic content while our alts go through the leveling grind? We think so! We close out the show with an Alliance versus Horde MMO Six Pack where Dustin and Rich explain to you the top six reasons why they are Alliance or Horde... for Life!

So sit back and enjoy the well over 2 hours of Warcraft discussion.

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