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Horde for Life # 153 - A World of Warcraft MMO Video Games Podcast

Episode 153

Warcraft Santa



No its not December yet we have proclaimed Tom Chilton as our Warcraft Santa!

Dustin gets a new phone, Kristine loses a cat and Rich calls Dustin... and then the entirety of the Alliance... scumbags (digging a hole Rich) Oh and HFL is now on Google Play!

Once the dust settles the crew actually talk a ton of Warcraft. Artifact leveling, world quests, rep, raiding (Ursoc one shot!) and some gameplay flaws that seem to work against those players who love playing alt characters.

The crew also touches on the question, is content coming too fast?  

But one of our main discussions tonight is Tom Chilton leaving the Warcraft team, what that means for the current game and some serious speculation on what he will be doing now. Crazy theories abound and we would love for you to chime in!

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