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Episode 78

"Its All About the Numbers"

Welcome to episode 78 of the show! Tika returns from her extended vacation to share tales of travel and the Darkspear rebellion! After sharing our weeks which include abandoned farms, PvP adventures and internet usage caps we jump into a lively discussion on Blizzard's plans to "fuse" specific realms as a fix for the low population problem. Their numbers are low but does everyone share the opinion that there is a problem? And is this the best way to address it for the player or for is it all about the numbers? We ask you with a poll on hordeforlife.com.

Other discussion includes the introduction of proving grounds as an upgrade to training dummies, Blizzard expansion logic, PvP battlegroup advice (snicker), classic servers and we are asked if LFR hurts normal and heroic raiding.

All this plus more of your feedback, an MMO 3 pack... thats right 3 (but it turns into 6+) and a Food for the Gods. We clock in at two and one half hours... we hope you enjoy!

Join us in the conversation!

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