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Episode 59

The "Do Over" Marathon

The week started out in the worst possible way as the original episode 59 became the first official HFL lost episode. However we recovered quickly from the 16 hour failed attempt at hard drive resurrection to record this "do over" marathon episode that approaches 3 hours in length.

We obviously cover all your awesome feedback but also dive deep into some blue posts, discuss alt viability in Mists, tackle the specialness of legendary items and detail some pet battle improvements. If that were not enough, Dustin tells why - in great detail - why The Hobbit in glorious 48 frame 3D is amazing and a must see (do not worry no spoilers).

And to close out the show we ask you, what do Velco, outer space billiards, Gabe Newell, the Lich King and TRON all have in common? They are the subject of our off the rails MMO six pack of wild and crazy gift ideas. 

This one is long but not to be missed... really.

Join us, wont you?

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