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Episode 165

Chick Car

Oh look another two and half hour show talking about all the Warcraft stuff... mostly! 

We start with some real world updates from the crew and a side discussion on what the is most "Female of Cars" and "Bad Sci Fi Roulette". We eventually progress into the Blizzard earnings call where we once again learn that Warcraft is no longer the cash cow it once was. 

We then cover some of the highlights from the Dev QA session that include invasion and 7.2 talk, heirloom updates and time gating.

All this plus some great emails... Warcraft on the console!? Lore talk, flying angst, removing the LFR and much more.

Finally, if you hear some clanging in the background just know that we left in Kristine's husband doing dishes because its funny... or i am lazy and did not want to edit it out for almost three hours, you decide. :)

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