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Horde for Life # 131 - A World of Warcraft MMO Video Games Podcast

Episode 131

Signal Lost


If you ever wanted a peak behind the HFL curtain, this is your show. We were plagued with some irritating to us – but surely funny to you – technical glitches. Frankly I am surprised that the whole episodes did not crash and burn but through all the chaos though we had some great conversation. We start with a fun and informative discussion on patch 6.2.2 and flying in Draenor (at least 2/3 of the crew). We then progress into some time walking discussions and needed improvements. Badges are back, you happy about that?

Additionally we cover good PvP ground, discuss if Warlords was a too raid heavy expansion, pine for class change mechanics and Dustin lets his geek flag fly when he breaks out his Dungeon Master Guide reference!

All in all a fun show and note that this is the LAST SHOW with Dustin as a bachelor!


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