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Horde for Life # 130 - A World of Warcraft MMO Video Games Podcast

Episode 130

Legion Prediction Show


Not only does this 2 plus hour episode feature 15 great and not so great predictions for the next World of Warcraft expansion, but we also manage to cover a myriad of topics ranging from Legion features like Artifact weapons and class order halls to not so Warcraft themed topics such as State Fairs and the differences between cat and dog people!


Along the way we also find ourselves having a serious and heartfelt discussion on Blizzard developer communications in a harsh and annonymous environment and social media fueled World.


At one point I think Dustin even forgets he is not on the Darkmoon Herald and gives us his own “sideshow of suck” ™.


Enjoy and have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!


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