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Horde for Life # 114 - A World of Warcraft MMO Games Podcast

Episode 114

No Fly Zone

This week on Horde for Life we launch into some more Garrison talk after Rich expresses his hate for Molten Core. From buildings and play styles to followers and mods we share our Garrison thoughts as our experiences grow. The crew then has a very interesting discussion on the lack of flying in Draenor including the potential harm to the game that comes from excluding our airborn activities in Draenor. We then go deep into some Blue Sky on a simple mechanic to tie the game world and content togther.

On the PVP front, we challenge why grinding is essential or a fun componenet of the game and Rich talks about the fun that was had as a guest host on the Darkmoon Herald podcast (episode 80) including what is missing from the Tarren Mill/Southshore battleground.


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